Squats per day
Squats per day

Almost 65% of Australians are deemed overweight or obese – that’s 2 in 3 adults. What is outstanding is that over 90% of children aged 12-17, 70% aged 5-11 and 44% of adults are not meeting the physical activity recommendations.

This current state of overweight and obese people in Australia is on the rise and for that reason we need to band together for Squatober to promote awareness of this health epidemic by getting up and moving.

You may not be conscious of it but we squat in our every day lives, be it getting out of bed or off the sofa; gardening; standing up from our seated position at the work desk; even when we go to the toilet – this form of movement is the most functional exercise on the planet.

By participating in Squatober you are working towards a goal of 155 squats within the 31 days of October. 155 represents the number of pounds a 5 foot tall person’s BMI is when they are deemed obese (or 70 kilos). Start with 5 squats on the 1st October then add 5 squats per day after that.

  • Squatober is for everyone!
  • It doesn’t matter what age you are.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are a male, female, a child or an adult.
  • It doesn’t matter what size you are or how much you weigh.
  • Squatober is not a Challenge.
  • It’s a Necessity.

Share your Squats on the getactiveau Facebook page and tag #squatoberau on both Facebook and Instagram.

Let’s make a change together – our lives depend on it.